Rail Fencing

What Makes Centaur HTP® Horse Railing System a Safer Fence for Horses?
Our patented "Belt Loop" Bracketing System allows the horse rail to slip through the bracket, dispersing impact. Special HTP® polymer brackets have a steel core that add strength and durability. Your horses stay contained and protected with no broken Horse rails to cause devastating injury.

Choose from: Centaur HTP®, Cenflex HTP®, Hot Site HTP® or Hot Rail HTP®

Or choose a combination, for example Centaur HTP® for the top rail and PolyPlus Coated Single Wire fencing for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th rails. The combinations are numerous. Feel free to contact us direct for assistance.

Centaur HTP®

Centaur's proprietary syst...

Cenflex HTP®


Cenflex HTP® i...